7-first-clone-stamp-upSo, my name is Allyn O’Neill, also known as NoA. (yeah, I flipped my initials to come up with the handle “NoA”. I like it, and so does my Mom so…)
As I yelled on the header of this blog, I am a slightly confused Irish man and  have an unhealthy infatuation with imagery. Well, maybe not unhealthy but, you know what I mean. I’m fairly obsessed, and obsessions are sometimes deemed as unhealthy. But I digress…

I had been working as a freelance photographer around my home town of Dublin, Ireland since 2012 shooting mainly fashion and events (something I ended up getting extremely bored of which ultimately lead to me yearning to get out into the world again). So at the beginning of 2016 I basically sold everything I own except my cameras, and my soul (the latter is debatable) and decided to see where that wind would take me. It has taken me to some of the most amazing places… and here I am.
My loves lie in shooting real people that have real lives but I also love to hike and shoot landscapes. A good image is a good image and we have a pretty interesting subject in Earth, with endless possibilities to photograph.

Other interests include (ha)… Hip Hop, finding out answers to all the questions I keep asking myself, and love.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you like my work and have any questions (or would like to work with me), I always look forward to engaging with new people.

I hope you enjoy my work and the few words and travel tips I will be posting from time to time.
Now go! Fly my pretties! (and share the blog if you like it, yeah? Thanks,